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When You Arrive

Arrive 10 min before your scheduled class. Trust. Rushing into class is no fun.


What to Wear

Wear whatever feels most comfortable! Shoes though, this is important.


What to Expect

First, we start with shines. Fun partner work comes in the second half of class!

When You Arrive

Arriving 10 minutes before your class starts is key to having a SIQ experience. Trust. Rushing into class is no fun. If you arrive after the class has already started, we will not be able to accommodate you.

  • Once you arrive, introduce yourself at the front desk and get checked in for class.

  • If it is your first time, you will sign the SIQ student waiver and take your picture for your account. Afterwards we will show you around: where you can place your belongings and where the bathrooms are located.

  • Feel free to ask as many questions as you want, we love answering them.

When You Arrive

What to Wear

Wear whatever feels most comfortable! Shoes though, this is important.  

  • We recommend wearing your favorite workout gear. A sports bra/top and form fitting leggings or shorts that stay out of the way from your feet.

  • For class, you’ll need shoes with a flat sole, or close to it. For most beginners, sneakers are the perfect starting point. Pick the pair that are the most lightweight. Wearing the right shoes can make learning to dance a lot more enjoyable.

What to Wear

What to Expect

Class usually begins with shines, refocus with a one-song break, and then fun partner work in the second half of class! If requested, there can be a chance to record your instructor demonstrating the steps taught in class. You can use this to go home and practice over and over again!

  • We dance to the beat of the music, your instructor slows it down—but feel free to sit down, take a break, grab sips of water. 

  • The playlists are curated by our instructors individually for each class. No two classes are the same.

  • Our classes feel a lot like a dance party - it's loud and fun! 



  • SHINES - are the footwork performed when dancing solo. Shines allow you to express yourself to your dance partner, without the rules of partner work. It's your moment to shine!

  • PARTNER WORK - is the movements between two individuals, one leads while the other follows. Cues are practiced over and over again in class to better understand the language of how to lead and/or follow your partner. 

What to Expect
Studio Directions


M or R

This is our address in case GPS is more your thing 34-27 Steinway Street Astoria 

Street parking is available near the studio. The Steinway Street subway stop is steps away from our front door and the local Queens bus Q101 is just as close. Here's our number in case you still can't find us 347-669-3589

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