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How's that first dance going?

In just 10 weeks you could be dancing 


just for you, at your own pace 

1 on 1 attention on your dance journey to getting the steps right, with close attention to technique in both foot work and arm direction (just for you or you're welcomed to bring a partner)


a completely choreographed First Dance

one less thing to worry about for your big day, you choose the music we got the moves - choreography is original + unique for each couple



choreo with transitions to make your fam go woah!

studio space big enough to get everyone moving the same, dance mixes + mashes encouraged! parents have full access to rehearsals, although we encourage you to wait until the big day

Beyond the Studio

Outside the Studio


We love to teach, but you won't always find us in the studio - we have been invited to holiday parties in Midtown to a Rock Climbing event in Brooklyn. Let us get your team moving. 


try something new at the office, an instructor will lead your team thru the basics

any open space in your office works fine, we will arrive early for set up - and don't worry, we won't get your team too sweaty!


bring your event to another level with an intro class to salsa or bachata 

curate the playlist for your instructor, or leave it up to us - we will start with the basics and finish up with partner work

Contact the front desk to have us at your next event. 

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